CBD Oil, Turmeric and Natural Remedies

Lyfe Botanicals

2908, 2019

Turmeric & Liver Health Benefits: Is Curcumin Good for a Detox & Cleanse

We’ve heard for some time that turmeric is one of the most potent medicinal herbs with numerous healing properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, our ancestors used turmeric powder extracted from the Curcuma longa plant for thousands of years. Turmeric contains approximately [...]

2008, 2019

Turmeric & Black Pepper: Curcumin Absorption with BioPerine (Piperine)

It’s no secret that turmeric is the center of attention in modern natural medicine. With so many dietary supplements emerging daily, curcumin continues to reign supreme with study after study demonstrating numerous health benefits. The curcuminoids within turmeric root extract [...]

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